Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2013 – comparing with 2008-2012 (Full Score Board)

farid mammadov esc 2013

Yesterday evening the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was over and Denmark with 281 points won the contest (by the way, they really deserved it, Emelie has wonderful voice and Teardrops is the one of the best entries of this year).

I want to analyze the points of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has been competing at Eurovision Song Contest since 2008 and during these years Azerbaijan got every place from 8 to 1, except 6-7.

Azerbaijan got the best result at Eurovision Song Contest 2013, despite it won the contest in 2011.

Being honestly, we now that Western European countries do not love us, may be they are hating. I really do not know why, but may be for our Islam religion, Turkic-root nation or political issues. So, they generally did not vote for Azerbaijan.

But this year`s entry of Azerbaijan Farid introduced spectatular show with the great song Hold Me, which got points from 29 countries (10 of them 12 points, 3 of them 10 points and 3 of them 8 points). If Farid Mammadov would be representing another country, ( at least Georgia) may be winner would be Hold Me. The first reason is above which I showed (Western Europe hates Azerbaijan) and the second reason is the personality of Farid. Farid was the most interesting participant at 2013 with it is healthy lifestyle, sport and wonderful voices. The success of Azerbaijan at 2013 Contest is not well-done promoting procedures, it is well-selected singer.

Let`s analyze this voting.

Look at the table below, then speak about this.



Number of participants

Number of 12 points

Final points



Elnur & Samir – Day After Day






Aysel & Arash – Always






Safura Alizadeh – Drip Drop






Eldar & Nigar – Running Scared






Sabina Babayeva – When the music dies






Farid Mammadov – Hold Me





As you see, when Azerbaijan won Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 it just get 221 points from 43 countries and 3 of them were 12 points.

But yesterday Farid Mammadov got 234 points (!) from 39 countries and 10 of them were 12 points.

Can you imagine:

–         43 countries (in this case the maximum point is 504) and 221 points (44 %) is winner

–         39 countries (in this case the maximum point is 456) and 234 points (51.3 %) is the second place.

The another fact that Turkey always gives Azerbaijan 12 points, son during the 2008-2012 years one of the 12 points given countries was Turkey.

But, unfortunately, Turkey withdrew  from Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and the one of the 12 points was not given. If Turkey had been competing then 12 points given countries probably would be 10+1.

The winner Denmark got 281 points from all the contesters except San Marino and 8 of then gave 12 points (Azerbaijan got 12 points from 10 countries).

the 12-points-given countries to Azerbaijan from 2008-2012 are the following:

2008 – Turkey, Hungary

2009 – Turkey

2010 – Turkey, Malta, Ukraine, Bulgaria

2011 – Turkey, Malta, Russia

2012 – Turkey, Malta, Ukraine, Lithuania

2013 – Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Malta, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russia

The most unexpected points were from Austria and Russia.

Because, Austria participating along with Azerbaijan always gave no point last years and getting 12 point was really good J

And Azerbaijan gave no point to Russia despite it was one of the best entries, but getting 12 points is interesting J

Except 2009, Spain never gave us a point, but this year gave 7 points.

Except 2 times (1 and 6 points), France gave the a good point to Azerbaijan – 8

in 2008 Germany gave just 1 point, but during 2009-2012 we get no point from Germany, but this year it was 4 point J

But the Western European countries: the UK, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark and the others (Armenia, Estonia, Macedonia, Finland) gave no point.

However, despite Azerbaijan did not win, but it got its best result during ESC.

–         The most 12 points (from 10 countries, but winner got it from 8 countries)

–         The highest point during competing years (as a winner it got 221, but now it had 234)

–         1st time got more than half of the possible votes (51.3 %)

–         It is again at top 5 (2nd place)

–         Baku citizens are happy, because there will not be traffic jams on Baku streets during May 2014 J

Below, I introduce you full Scoreboards of Grand finals from 2008 to 2013:

Belgrade – 2008

Belgrade 2008 ESC voting

Moscow – 2009

Moscow 2009 ESC voting

Oslo – 2010

Oslo 2010 ESC voting

Dusseldorf – 2011

Dusseldorf 2011 ESC voting

Baku – 2012

Baku 2012 ESC voting

Malmo – 2013

Malmo 2013 ESC voting



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