9th November – National Flag day

On the 28th May 1918 Azerbaijani National Council declared establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in the northern lands of historical Azerbaijan and and adopted “The Declaration of Independence”.

According to the Declaration of Independence, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is determined to create good relations with all nations, especially neighbouring nations and Azerbaijan Democratic Republic provides all citizens` political and civic rights regardless of national root, religion, social status and gender within its borders.

Azerbaijan became the first Democratic and Secular state in the East and Islam world. The first capital of Azerbaijan was Ganja (Gəncə) and on the 18th September Baku (Bakı) became the capital of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic formed the first national army, created national bank system and money, held the first democratic elections, provided women`s right to vote and to be elected to the government.

On the 9th November the three colored flag of Azerbaijan was adopted by the suggestion of Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh (one of the main figures who played a vital role in forming Azerbaijan Democratic Republic). Up to this date the flag of Azerbaijan was red with crescent and eight-pointed star.

The meaning of the colors of Azerbaijani flag:

Blue – Symbol of Turkic nations. Azerbaijan is Turkic country, it has Turkic root

Red – Symbol of modernism and democracy. Azerbaijan is modern and democratic country

Green – Symbol of Islam.

Crescent and 8-pointed star – Symbol of muslim Turkic nations.

Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh said at the Parliament of Azerbaijan: The three colored flag that we adopted is the symbol of Turkic culture, Islam civilization and democratic bases of Europe.

After Azerbaijan re-establish its independence in 1991 this three-colored flag was re-adopted as the national symbol of the Republic of Azerbaijan with law.





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