..::Zurich Protocols and Azerbaijan::..


Singing protocols between Turkey and Armenia on the 10th of October in Zurich, Switzerland, were not greeted one-sided in Azerbaijan. These protocols caused being shaken faith to Turkey, also created pessimist idea in the peaceful settlement of Nagorna-Karabakh conflict, in which Azerbaijan territories were occupied by Armenia. But in the same time there is a group of people think that these protocols will play key role in this conflict. After analyzing this process we get following results.

Turkey closed its borders and broke diplomatic relations with Armenia because of Armenian occupation in Azerbaijan`s territories. But now they signed protocols for reopening borders and establishing diplomatic relations among them, but there is no any commitment for elimination of these reasons.

In the protocols were shown to maintain international and regional peace and security, to avoid from use of force in the settlement of conflicts. These statements are reiterated, and this shows that Armenia prevented the military help of Turkey to Azerbaijan in the case of war. And it impedes the settlement of Karabakh conflict.

Turkish government signed the protocols, but they said that Turkish parliament must not ratify it until the occupation will be ended. Why did you sign it, if you do not want the ratification?! There is a statement about the mutual recognition of borders, but it is clear that, this statement is not for Armenia. Because of Armenia is continuing to demand Turkish western territories in constitutional level.

People who think that these protocols will accelerate the solution of Karabakh conflict make mistakes. On the eve of singing protocols, he President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in his interview to the Azerbaijan State Television that the unilateral opening borders will be recognized by Armenia as a diplomatic success, and it will cause avoiding of Armenia from constructivism in peace negotiations. Just only a week later these opinions proved their reality. Armenia began demanding to review of some issues which were agreed before, and declared that to recognize the independence of “imaginary Nagorna-Karabakh republic“ which could not venture during the 18 years.

Just after the singing of protocols the members of Azerbaijan Parliament Milli Majlis visited Turkey, and in the return they directed attentions to the non-convincing of the Turkish governments pledges.

Another statement that reflected in the protocols is cooperation between the states in energy field. It is clear that Azerbaijan provides Turkey with energy. It means that Turkey will sell Azerbaijan`s energy to Armenia, and it will help Armenia becoming more aggressive.

But in case, it will not be right to protest these protocols. Because, being independent country Azerbaijan never intervene in interior affairs of any independent country.  But there were only two things that were greeted incisively by Azerbaijan society: The acceptance of Azerbaijan National Music Sari Gelin as armenian music by the Prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and bearing insult Azerbaijan`s state flags during the Turkey – Armenia football match in Bursa.

Consequently, there are many powers which want to corrupt fraternal relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan. States may be enemies or brothers in a short period of time, for example Armenia and Turkey. But it is undisputable fact that there is no any other nation that is very close such as Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well in cultural, linguistic, psychological fields. The main tool for sowing dissension between Azerbaijan and Turkish nations is AKP (Justice and Growth Party, which is in power in Turkey).



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